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You know, I don’t mind hearing the truth, if thats what it may be. I cant stand being ignored when I know the person is right there, sitting on their computer, seeing the screen. Have the guts to at least say “Hi” back to me or something. The pain you cause is more then you will ever know, and I surly hope nobody ever makes you feel like that. But I suppose life is suppose to hurt at some moments, even if you wished that moment never came.

All things I have hoped for this year have turned around and backfired at me. When will I learn to think things over before saying them? When will I realize life is not perfect, and no matter what I will be hurt by people, just like you have.

I suppose that is life though, and life truly does suck sometimes……

The connection?

The connection you feel with any animal is amazing. To have a special feeling between yourself, and a pet is one thing. Its true that with your dog, cat, bird, fish or anything else like the such, you can have a great connection with. However when you are face to face with 10 foot, 1,000 lb+ Beluga whale, looking into their eye, Or a almost 20 foot, 6 thousand pound Orca ( Killer Whale ).  The amazing connection and bond you feel in your gut and heart it warms you and makes you realize there is something far greater. 

We can all learn a little bit about these amazing creatures, and even learn about ourselves. You can only feel this connection so many times, unless you are one of the lucky ones who can see into their eye, and stare into their soul each and every day.

I was lucky enough to look into a Beluga, and two Orca eyes in  a single day, including the Orca I loved with all my heart and soul, Kalina a 25 year old orca. After my fortunate day looking into her soul for that first and only time, I walked away with a feeling, a feeling that I have never felt before, or feel again. 6 days after my visit, she passed away. But knowing that I was able to have this connection with an animal so much larger then me, even for that brief second, means more to me then a lot might know.

Knowing that I looked at her for that minute means a lot to me and knowing that she saw me for that brief second was amazing.

The same show I was able to glance at Trua, the 4, soon to be 5, year old Orca. Seeing into such a youthful, fun loving, energetic, trouble causing eye it truly does touch you in a way you wont experience via a video, dvd or anything of the such. 

Beside Kalina, and Trua I was able to have some one on one time with Maple, a female Beluga whale. She was so close to me and her big beautiful eye starred deep into me. It felt amazing that this creature would see me, she took the time to actually stay there and spiral around at the window for me.

Basically the point of this is, we as humans have so much more to look forward to. Go beyond what we call “normal” experience “different”. Feel the love of a amazing creature, know that there is something far, if you reach forward we can find that there is something far greater. 

Know that the connection with an animal of any sort is always possible, if you believe you can reach one, its possible. The connection will always amaze me, and make my jaw drop.

The Connection, is what life is truly all about.